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Updated: Aug 25, 2022

When you buy your favourite products, whether it is clothes, electronics or sweets, you want to make sure that the products are of great quality and to your satisfaction. If the products are not your standards you can return them and get a refund. There is a set of regulations for that called The Consumer Contracts Regulations. If you don't like the product received, you can return it without any reason. There is a catch though - the items must not be damaged and you must take reasonable care of the items. This makes the Regulations not very helpful when selling items such as gluten free sweets, where you want to try before you commit. So here at Undiscovered Food we have introduced our own special guarantee called OUR Taste Guarantee . OUR Taste Guarantee allows you to return an open package with one item missing. So you can try your future favourites without the worry of not liking them. Yes, whether it is corn rolls filled with coconut / hazelnut / cocoa / milk cream, caramel rice cake or fruity candy , order them, try them and if you don't absolutely love them, email us and return them. Simple isn't it ?

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